Mexicats is a cattery specialized

Persians, Himalayans and Exotic Shorthair cats

  • Adrián Fortino, Mexicats
  • Adrián Fortino, Mexicats
  • Adrián Fortino, Mexicats
  • Adrián Fortino, Mexicats
  • Adrián Fortino, Mexicats


Mexicats is a cattery specialized in Persians, Himalayans (Persians with a coloration similar to a Siamese) and Exotic Shorthair cats (short hair Persians), owned by Adrián Fortino (Judge of the Asociación Mexicana de Gatos, which belongs to the Federación Canófila Mexicana, A. C.). It is located in the south of Mexico City.

The judgement standard of these three breeds is similar, since they belong to the same genetic group, so intercross between them is allowed. These cats have a wide and rounded head, big and round eyes, and their nose is placed between the eyes. Bodies are massive, short and compact. Coat is dense and shiny.

Since 1998 i have bred cats in Mexico, with respect and affection from their birth

    This close contact and the fact that they area not kept in cages make them animals with excellent character, that enjoy being with people.

    My house is adapted for all the pets I have (dogs, fish, and birds). Especially for the cats I have designed ample spaces, with abundant natural light, hiding places, and toys, specifically created so that they can grow happy.

    We breed excellent specimens

    My cats have competed in numerous exhibitions, both in Mexico and outside the country, and they have won with several prizes because of their excellent characteristics.

    I have established contacts with national and foreign catteries with the purpose of having the best blood lines of the three breeds and genetic diversity for my breeding program. This careful plan is based on the genetics of type and color, and on the study of the pedigrees, so we can have excellent cats for cat lovers and specialists.

    Know the three breeds that we breed in Mexicats

    Persians cats


    Himalayans Cats


    Exotic shorthair cats

    Exotic Shorthair

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