Exotics Shorthairs


Their hair is plush, dense, about 3-4 cm long, similar to the texture of a teddy bear

In the 60s some American breeders sought to add to the American Shorthair cat (American Shorthair) the silver coat color of the Persians, however, hybrids inherited the short hair of the American but the appearance was that of a Persian. Thus arose a new breed called Sterling for its silver color. Other breeders crossed it with other breeds such as Burmese to add a compact body or Russian Blue (RussianBlue) for the dense double coat and short hair. The new generation of cats that had other colors was named Exotic Shorthair (shorthaired exotic) and then worked with Persian cats to fix its type.

Exotics have the same characteristics of the Persians: large round heads, with small ears, and large round eyes, short nose positioned between their eyes. The compact body, muscular and strong bones, legs and tail short. Their hair is plush, dense, about 3-4 cm long, similar to the texture of a teddy bear. These cats can interbreed with both Persian and Himalayan cats, so all the colors of these two breeds are accepted.

This "short-haired Persian" is an affectionate cat, with peaceful habits, but they are more lively and curious by their genetic ancestry of shorthaired breeds.


Meet our Exotic specimens

Mexicats Spotty

Male - Brown Spotted Tabby

TICA registration 

 Sire: CH Queenking Massimo of Mexicats

 Dam: Coventgarden Manon Lescaut of Mexicats

Vonn-Bliss Viggo of Mexicats

Male - Cream Mackerel Silver Tabby and White

 CFA y TICA registrations

Sire: CH Chancery Firedance of Vonn-Bliss

 Dam: Spellbound Bewitched of Vonn-Bliss

Bastetcats Grecia of Mexicats

Female - Blue-Eyed White

TICA registration  

Sire: Mexicats Jordan of Bastetcats 

Dam: Megan of Bastetcats 

Silver Planet Milena of Mexicats

Female - Blue Cream Smoke

 TICA registration

 Sire: CH Vonn-Bliss's Eternal Sunshine

 Dam: Silver Planet Cosmic Girl

Silver Planet Lucille of Mexicats

Hembra - Cream Silver Mackerel Tabby

Registro de TICA

Padre: CH Vonn-Bliss's Eternal Sunshine 

Madre: Marleevo Fiona of Silver Planet

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