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Our Kittens

Mexicats spends many hours working hard to offer you our kittens. That is the reason why we do not advertise on sites that sell the same way a watch or a living being. If someone mentions us in these sites as partners, do not believe them. Please keep in mind that these sites, because of their "flexible" policies, accept anonymity, making space for dishonest people. We have been aware of several instances in which buyers acquired sick kittens, or that did not correspond to the photographs sent to them, without vaccinations, and so on. Moreover, it may happen that when the customer phones or sends e-mails, they are no longer answered or have been changed. Please be careful!

Mexicats considers that our kittens are living beings that need all respect and commitment. So ask yourself several questions before buying a kitten. Do you know these cat breeds? Do you have time to take care for a cat? Do you have the economic resources to maintain it? We put all our experience and knowledge to answer any question made to us.

Mexicats delivers kittens after they are three months old (four months if the go by plane), desparasited, with two triple vaccines, the international register of TICA (The International Cat Association) and a written heath guarantee.

Mexicats is free from diseases, e.g. feline leukemia, feline AIDS, endoparasites (Mycoplasma haemofelis and toxoplasmosis), with laboratory tests performed by Experto, Mexico City, and PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) tested by DNA at the University of Davis, California, with appropriate certificates.

Mexicats is legally established. Our name is registered and it can be used only as a prefix of the name of a cat bred by us. No advertising may use our name, without prior written permission.

Photo gallery of our kittens in their new homes

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Know the three breeds that we breed in Mexicats